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August Forgotten Land Revamp Patch!

Refine War of Dawn and Forgotten Land


War of Dawn

·        Include a Buff shop in War of Dawn

·        Now player can use the star earn to purchase buff in the buff shop


·        Raid refine: raid will now be in multiples of 10 according to players highest cleared stage (eg. If the stage cleared is 59 stage, player can raid until stage 50. )

·        Reward readjustment: Mirror of Dawn Coupon will be added to the reward pools

·        Mirror of Dawn coupon can be used to receive Mirror of Dawn, increase coins reward

·        Ranking system: Ranking for War of dawn will be rated daily at 00:00 based on players' highest cleared stage

·        Player can reset war of dawn twice per day, a free reset will be given daily, the 2nd reset of the day can be done by using War of Dawn Reset Coupon or diamonds.


Forgotten Land


·        Forgotten land consist of 10 stages, each stage will have 30 pieces of tiles.

·        For stage 1~3, players will need to use 1 mirror of dawn to clear a tile

·        For stage 4~7, players will need to use 2 mirror of dawn to clear a tile

·        For stage 8~10, players will need to use 3 mirror of dawn to clear a tile

·        Mirror of dawn can be obtained from war of dawn, auto-regenerate (Max. 100 mirror of dawn) or purchase using diamond.

·        There are treasure hidden under some of the tiles, players will need to consume additional mirror of dawn or angel tear to claim the treasure reward.


·        Angel tear can be obtain from war of dawn or purchase using diamond.



·        Each stage will need to find a key to advance to the next stage.

·        Position of the key will be randomized.



·        When heading to the next stage, all rewards unclaimed in the current stage will not be brought over.

·        Player can reset Forgotten land map for free daily, VIP 8 and above players can use diamond to reset the map 1 more times

·        When exploring, player can use supportive item, "Flashlight or/and "Hammer". These items can be obtained via diamonds.

·         Hammer: Use hammer to remove 15 random tiles on the current stage. When Hammer is used, no mirror of dawn will be consumed.

·        Flashlight: Use Flashlight to reveal the location of the key in the current map.



Raise enhance max level cap


·        Equipment level enhancement has raise from 120 to 130

·        Player will need to use Lv. 6 enhance crystal to enhance equipment to level 130

·        Lv. 6 enhance crystal can be obtained by exchanging Lv. 5 enhance crystal, shops, forgotten land or events.

·        When enhancing level 120 equipment, each enhancement will be turn to 100% success rate and stat will have a significant boost.


Buyback shop


·        Newly added - Buyback shop feature

·        Player are able to buyback item that is accidentally sold in the buyback shop

·        Accidentally sold item will be listed at the original price in buyback shop

·        Buyback shop will be able to store up to 15 type of accidentally sold items

·        If there is more than 15 type of items that are accidentally sold, the 1st accidentally sold item will be replaced and so on. 

·        Buyback shop will cleared all items at 00:00


Items Added


·        New Mount: Husky Mount, Sun Rider, Reunion Mount, Genie Mount


·        New Fashion: Doraemon Set, Komamon Set etc

·        New titles: Couple titles, New year Title, Reunion Title

·        Avatar Frame: Couple Frame, New Year Frame, Reunion Frame




·        Enable purchase using diamond for some of the mount

·        After updates, player will be able to purchase some of the mount directly from the mount panel

·        Some mount stat will be readjust to better reflect the rarity of the mount

·        Include Fast Exchange feature when exchanging active genes, enhance crystal or set fragment

·        Items such as soul key, midas touch will be able to sell after this patch

·        Improve Level 80 world boss damage display error

·        Refine Extreme astrology event, when using star bible during the event, point will be reduce from 5 point to 2 point, others method of obtaining extreme astrology point will remain unchanged.