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Gunner Skill!


 Shark Rocket

Skill info: Launch a shark rocket, dealing 100%** damage that ignores shield but does not Crit.


Robotic Arms

Skill info: Attack with 4 robotic arms, dealing damage to enemies for 15 times, each time dealing 15%+ 20** damage.


Orbit Crisis

Skill info: Summon an orbit from satellite, dealing 250%+200** damage to the target and stun target for 1 sec.


Funnel Cannon

Skill info:  Call out 3 funnel cannons to deal 100% damage for 6 times to the target for 8 sec, each with 30**% damage that ignores shields but does not Crit.


Nano Booster

Skill info: Boost 10**% damage and 600** Hit within 20 sec and recover 2**% HP per 5 sec.


Titan Ship

Skill info: Call out titan ship for support, launches 10 rounds of attacks from the sky, slow and dealing 50%+300** damage each round


Destructive Laser

Skill info: Launch a giant laser to emit a super laser beam that damages enemies for times, each dealing 50%+ 1000** damage.


**Amount will increase when skill level up