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November Level Patch

Level Cap raised!

To prepare for the fun & thrilling adventure ahead in the world of Hasse Kingdom, the character level cap has been raised to 90!


In addition, the pet level cap has been raised to 90 as well!



New map added!

4 newly added maps will be available, together with new cycle quest, daily adventure quest and demon realms for level 86~90 players


X-Server War refined

· 50 diamonds entry fee for team leader had been waived, no fee will be needed to enter X-server War

· Background of the X-Server War had been changed

· Re-adjust server shop available items

· Various Mount Skill will randomly appear in Server Shop now

· Betting system will still remain as 5 tries. Diamonds will not be refunded if player loses the bet in X-Server War


Hasse Temple refined

· Increase from the daily 1 free try to daily 5 free tries

· For each refresh, temple level will not decrease. It will either remain the same or increase to next level

· Added a Lv. 1 Microcosm as bonus for reaching level 5 Hasse temple exploration.

· Special discount will be given for doing level 5 temple exploration during 12:30-13:30 and 20:30-21:30, from the usual price of 1200 diamonds to only 900 diamonds during the stated time.




X- Server Dungeon refined

· Re-adjust the chance of clearing the dungeon from weekly once per dungeon to daily once per dungeon.

· Re-adjusting the mount skill quantity when clearing each X-server dungeons.




· Skill fragments will not visible in character bag, player can view the fragment amount from the mount skill panel

· There's no event time for X-server Dungeon. You can enter it at anytime if you have enough player in the team



· Wording fix

· QnA wording fix

· Various minor bugs fix