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Guild Feature

June New Patch Contents

More features, more fashion, more rewards!

New Guild Feature -  Demon Hunter

More reason to create/join a guild now!



· Join different mode of Demon Hunter dungeons and earn rewards such as contribution wages and points

· Demon Hunter dungeons can only be activated by guild leader (Communicate well with your guild leader :D)

· Credits ranking for Demon Hunter !! (Refresh weekly)

·  United as one to be the top of the list and earn the title for Demon Hunter!


Gentle reminder:

- Demon Hunter can only be activated24hr after the guild is created

- New joined guild member will have to wait 24hr before he/she can join in Demon Hunter Dungeons


Midas Touch

Try your luck in Midas Touch and loot rare items from chests



· Newly added item : Midas Touch   and Gold Treasure  

· Gold Treasure can be unlocked at level 20

· Try your luck in Midas Touch and aim for 100% Legend rewards


More and more rebates coming this June Patch



· Get rebates if players topup the same value as you

· GroupBuy rebate diamonds will only be sent after the GroupBuy event end

· Be the top 5 to topup the GroupBuy value and received a bonus 150 diamonds after the event ended!

New Fashion




And Fashion from "Design your fashion contest"!!


Lock screen feature

No more misclick!



· You can now load your game screen while doing auto-fighting or AFK

·  Go to the game menu and select "More" and choose "ScreenLock" to lock your screen