Starlight Legend is coming to America in May 2018!
2018-04-10 10:05:00

Starlight Legend is coming to America in May 2018!


One of Gamebegin iconic game [Starlight Legend] will be released to the united states in May on both App Store & Google Play. As a classic MMORPG mobile game, players wander off into the mystical land of Hasse Kingdom with tons of different and unique adventures to keep the players busy for days. Forge your equipment, make new friends and together, defend the monster and bosses of the dungeons to become the best guild in the game.


Starlight Legend has been released to the South-East Asia region for over 3 years, achieving over thousand of downloading and still counting. With a popular demand from the regions outside of South-East Asia, Gamebegin is finally able to release Starlight Legend to America, setting the game event time to be based on pacific standard time.


Game background


After the strange disappearance of Adventure King, the long peace Origin Village had was destroyed by the invasion of Devil. Numerous disasters and death followed and soon, Origin Village was clouded by the dark energies that came with death. The once friendly creatures started undergoing abnormal changes which turned them dangerous.



The villagers tried seeking help from all over the world but failed. Now, the only choice left is to seek help from other dimensions, and together they performed a ritual to open up a portal which connects them to the outside world.


The heroes from the outside world must now step up and stand against this nightmare. Help the poor villagers and free the once friendly creatures from this endless nightmare. Heroes from the outside world will fight the monsters, gain wealth, reputation and treasures.


Heroes, join now and fight along with many comrades which you will meet along the way. Fight now and save Origin Village!



 Fantasy MMORPG on the go

 Cross-platform gameplay between iOS and Android users

 Dazzling titles to unlock, new way to show your achievements

 Refined quest system in aiding players to progress in the game without any hassle

 Tons of items and costumes for players to equip and gather

 Equipment will change how your character looks!

 Pet system, where pets actually aids during combat while performing various tasks for the players!

And many more...